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about bamboo

Bamboo is a natural and environmentally friendly material. It is the fastest growing plant & the fastest renewable resource on Earth. It has an ability to grow up to one meter a day! This makes it the planet’s most rapidly renewable plant resource. Its cultivation is very efficient and, compared to cotton, the yield of bamboo from the same area is ten times higher.

organic farming

Thanks to its natural anti-fungal properties, bamboo is resistant to pest attacks, and its cultivation is free of chemical fertilizers. Bamboo also absorbs more carbon dioxide than other plants, is durable and, as a natural resource, is biodegradable. All these qualities make it the most eco-friendly plant in the world!

protection of the baby's delicate skin

Above all, bamboo textiles are extremely pleasant and delicate in touch, which is a very important factor when it comes to sensitive newborn skin. Thanks to hypoallergenic properties, bamboo clothes do not irritate the skin. It is especially recommended for children with atopic dermatitis. Antistatic properties, on the other hand, mean that bamboo knitwear does not collect dust and is resistant to unpleasant odors and stays fresh longer.

characteristics of bamboo




clothing for all seasons

Compared to cotton, bamboo fabric absorbs moisture three times better, and also evaporates it easily, providing the baby with thermoregulation both on the hottest days. Thanks to the presence of many micropores in the cross-section of the material, its temperature is up to 3°C lower than the ambient temperature, which prevents, among other things, the baby from overheating. On colder days, bamboo garments will also do a great job of insulating the skin from the chilly temperatures outside. Bamboo is therefore a decidedly year-round material.

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