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about us

The Lolobaby brand was created in 2020, in the middle of the world pandemics. The time spent at home with two babies during the lockdown gave rise to numerous interesting ideas. Rare moments of doubt did not stop us and after a few months of preparations, we were ready to get started! We are a small company from the Podlasie region, with big ambitions and high hopes for the future. “Lolo”, the first word uttered by my daughter, means a “plane” – hence the brand name and the logo. Our mission is to provide maximum safety and comfort to newborns.

high quality and functionality

As a mum of two lively children, I used to have difficulty finding clothes that would meet my expectations. I was looking for items that would be easy to put on and enable a quick diaper change. With this in mind, I have decided to build a brand creating products that will not only look nice but also be simple and loose, without unnecessary ornaments or snaps.

High quality and safety are our top priorities. Our clothes are made and designed in Poland, using certified materials only. Our fabrics are exceptionally soft and silky in touch, so they are a perfect wrap for newborns, providing them with the warmth and protection that they need.

care for the environment

All of our products are sewn using fabrics made of natural bamboo yarn. Bamboo grows very quickly and can filter much more water and air compared to trees. Bamboo stems are 100% biodegradable and recyclable. Also, bamboo processing is not harmful to the environment.

The packaging of our products is both eye-catching and ecological. The boxes in which we send our products are made in 90% of recyclable materials and painted with water-based paints.

we were named Children's Brand of the Year 2021

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