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We have created this blog with the world of children’s fashion in mind. You will find here a lot of inspiration regarding current fashion trends and many more. We will also provide you with tips and tricks for new parents who want to find out more about the mysterious world of their babies. Lolobaby blog will be regularly updated with interesting and important content – make sure to visit us every now and then so that you do not miss out on new articles. Enjoy reading our blog!

Traveling with a baby, how to prepare for the first journey?

Family trips during Christmas time it’s something that parents look forward to, but at the same time they are afraid that the first trip with …

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Gift guide 2021

Holiday gift guide Lolobaby Christmas is getting closer and closer, so if you are looking for a baby gift or you want to help future …

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Why is it worth choosing bamboo products?

Whether you’re a new parent or you’re still expecting your first baby,  you will most likely need to shop for baby essentials at some point. …

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How to take care of your baby in the summer?

Summer is the perfect season for parents with small children. You can put away jumpsuits, hats and sleeping bags. Your baby is more comfortable without …

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First walk – how to dress a newborn?

Taking a newborn for their first walk is a big deal both for the parents and the baby. There are so many questions coming to …

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How to take care of bamboo clothes?

Bamboo fabric has multiple properties that allow it to provide your baby’s delicate and irritation–prone skin with comfort and proper conditions for its development. It …

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