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Traveling with a baby, how to prepare for the first journey?

Family trips during Christmas time it’s something that parents look forward to, but at the same time they are afraid that the first trip with their child might be overwhelming & exhausting.

Is there anything to be afraid of? Well, no! All you need to do is to prepare in time for the trip and plan everything well. No matter how far you are going, it’s worth making a list of things we need both for ourselves and for our child, so that it doesn’t overwhelm us – because everyone wants the Christmas time to be full of peace, joy, sharing a good word and friendly atmosphere.

Where to start?

First of all, you need to acquire a very important skill which is anticipation – if we have a newborn at home, we need to prepare and be ready for many situations that may occur during the trip.

Small babies, especially those a few months old, need our constant watch and we need to be ready when it comes to diaper change, playing, feeding etc. You also should plan stops every 2 / 3 hours if possible.

Traveling is an important matter for your little one, too. Small children, who every day function according to specific rituals and have kept their constant and predictable rhythm of the day, will feel that something is different right away. It’s important to keep as many established rituals as possible, for example – the same hours of naps, eating, reading a book or bath. These are some of the basic but important rules to make your stay pleasant. Your child will adapt faster to the new place and it will be easier for him to establish contact with other people.

That is why we recommend to start the journey with your toddler during his nap hours, so that he can start the journey calmly.

Remember to take your child’s favorite things – books, toys, blankets, everything associated with home will make your stay in a different place easier.

What clothes should you take?

These are the most common questions when it comes to packing a small child’s suitcase. There is no definite answer, because every child is different and you know him the best. However, it is important to take few things into consideration, for example: the weather, length of stay, if you are able to wash clothes, etc.

One thing is certain, when it comes to baby bag, there are never too many clothes. Remember to pack at least one set of clothes for a change during your trip. And if you have a long journey ahead of you, even two sets may come in handy. It is important that the clothes are comfortable, not tight at the waist, and without back fasteners. An ideal choice would be a Vancouver playsuit with a two-way zip, which makes diaper changing much easier and faster. What is more, you do not have to undress the whole baby, which in winter may be very important. The romper is finished with feet, so you don’t have to wonder whether the socks are in place. Under the playsuit we recommend to put on a comfortable bamboo bodysuit. Let’s remember that even though it’s cold outside, the baby may be warm in the car, so bamboo baby clothes are perfect for travelling due to their thermoregulating properties. While driving it is good to have a blanket at hand to cover the baby if necessary. However, when getting off the vehicle it is best to have a car sleeping bag, which allows to quickly wrap up the baby.

Dear parents, remember that your holidays together should be a beautiful memory for you, and not only the unpleasant memories associated with travel, packing and dressing your child. You can do it all, you just need to prepare for the trip early enough. Remember, that once you make a list, it will be a base you can use during your next trips with your toddler.


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